Sunday, July 25, 2010

Who cheats more?

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely asks:

The question here, is who cheats more and who cheats less….

Before you watch the video, think about a country that you have family or social links to (not the US) and ask yourself if people in that country cheat more or less than Americans.

A) People in that other country cheat more than Americans
B) Americans cheat more than the people in that other country

Next, try to predict if you think that bankers cheat more than politicians or if politicians cheat more than bankers.

C) Bankers cheat more than politicians
D) Politicians cheat more than bankers

Dan presents the results of some interesting experiments he ran addressing these questions in this short video. (Shot in a San Francisco bookstore, hence the unusual background for an academic.)

There are more details in his books and research articles.

The books make good beach reading--thought-provoking and interesting, but not unduly taxing!

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