Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tax season 2012 in upstate New York

Cows down the road from us from two days ago
Not much snow yet this season.

There's a farm down the road from our house.  In over two decades of living here, we have never seen the cows out in January before!   That's because there is usually far too much snow cover for them to graze outdoors.  Normally they disappear inside the barn by early December and do not reappear again until June, by which time new grass has reestablished strong enough roots to stand up against their trampling.  So we have never seen cows during tax season before.  My husband was sufficiently surprised to see the cows out in late January that he shot the photo above.

So it was funny to see today's Google doodle:
Today's Google doodle!

However, snow does not deter the hardy buffalo from grazing.  See here and here.

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