Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Union College VITA 2021 Tax Team: Ingrid Burke

Hello! My name is Ingrid Burke. I am a junior at Union College and I am majoring in economics. The areas of tax policy that I am most interested in are retirement, charity, and education taxation. 


Union College VITA 2021 Tax Team: Kaila Paguio


I'm Kaila Paguio, a junior at Union College. I'm studying economics with a math minor. I'm interested in learning about tax policy and how it can fight poverty and reduce income inequality. My favorite part of the class is helping low-income families get their maximum refund.

Union College VITA 2021 Tax Team: Helen Wong


My name is Helen Wong and I am currently a junior at Union College. I am originally from San Francisco, California and I am pursuing a double major in psychology and economics. I am most interested in learning more about tax policies that impact low-income households since it is a subject that impacts my family and I personally. Outside of my academic interests, I love reality tv (especially 90 Day FiancĂ©), eating good food, and occasionally reading comics.

Union College VITA 2021 Tax Team: Tad Ye


Hello! My name is Tad Ye, I am currently a junior studying economics and computer science. I am originally from Brooklyn, NY. This course has allowed me to learn more about tax policy and apply the learning in helping the people around the community complete their tax returns. Ever since my first job I always wonder why did I not get the full wage I was promised? But with this course I understand different tax policy and what is intriguing is the different tax credits individuals are qualified for! With the new $300 cash donations for qualified charities for people who do not itemize it encourages everyone to give back!

Union College VITA 2021 Tax Team: Julissa Boyer Perez


Hello! My name Julissa Boyer Perez and I am a junior studying Sociology with a double minor in economics and Russian. I am originally from the Dominican Republic but I grew up in New York City. I am really interested in learning about tax policy because I am from a low income household and the changing policies can affect my family. I think that this class is a great opportunity for me to understand how finances work in real life, with actual vulnerable taxpayers. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Union College VITA 2021 Tax Team: Daniel Donnelly


Hello, my name is Daniel Donnelly, from Long Island, New York. I am currently a junior here at Union College, as an economics major and history minor. One of my favorite things I have learned thus far in this course is determining people's filing status and who is considered a Qualifying Child or Qualifying Relative. One of my favorite parts about the tax process is quality reviewing other students' work and speaking to clients on the phone/zoom. I look forward to working with you people and am really excited to be here!

Union College VITA 2021 tax team: Sophia Zachar


Hello, my name is Sophia Zachar and I am a senior at Union College with a major in economics and a minor in statistics.  My favorite part of tax policy is the various aspects of higher education and how they affect taxes.