Monday, October 4, 2010

Eric Toder: 2010 Tax Policy Outlook

Thanks very much to Dr. Eric Toder, Union College alumnus from the class of 1964, who is now with the Tax Policy Center and the Urban Institute, for the excellent presentation he gave at today's Pizza and Politics lunch talk series. Dr. Toder has a distinguished career in public service and public policy analysis. He has served as Director of Research at the IRS, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Treasury for Tax Analysis, as well as in the Congressional Budget Office, and he has also been a consultant to the New Zealand government on tax policy, so he has seen the development of tax policy from many vantage points.

More information about Dr. Toder is here. His slides from today's lunch talk are above--they are useful additions to the Gruber textbook to review for next week's midterm. He has written lucid expositions on a wide variety of tax policy topics, which you can find here.

More generally, the entire Tax Policy Center is a tremendous and highly respected font of timely, thoughtful, and carefully researched analysis and data. That is why I have been bookmarking their Tax Policy Briefing Book on the sidebars of my course websites for Eco 339 and Eco 391 for many years.

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