Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The IRS has bed bugs

TaxProf reports that the IRS has bed bugs. So does the Wall Street Journal.

The IRS has called in the exterminators.

The Wall Street Journal has called in the bedbug-sniffing dogs.

Still no word from Congress about any specifics of what they plan to do about the bed buffaloes in our tax code.


  1. Bedbugs terrify me. I used to shop in vintage and consignment stores a lot, but I stopped because I was so terrified of bringing one home.

  2. I'm a bus driver and picked them up from the buses. My employer is now starting to take it seriously but I am out all my savings trying to rid myself of them. Are my loses tax deductable. I changed insurance co's at the time I became aware of the problem. I don't know if my former ins. would cover but they were a pain on another matter... Frankly I am so demoralized I am paralized.